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The naughty step: going for a Liddle

April 9, 2018

As some of you may know on Sunday, This happened.

To cut a long story short, Rod Liddle opened his mouth and bigotry came out. Again. Fellow Guardian readers might recall the days when he was considered fit to show his face there. These days he scribbles for lesser, Murdoch-tainted publications and regularly gets himself into hot water with his hackneyed, racist views. From his prattling and posturing, you’d think he was some sort of groundbreaking original thinker. In fact, he’s a puffed up reactionary of the worst kind- a turd of the same odour as Nigel Farrage and Nick Griffin. Now, before you start yelling about ‘freedom of speech’, consider this: freedom of speech protects the rights of individuals and groups to self-expression. It does not guarantee a god-given right to publish discriminatory slander in national newspapers without repercussion.

Right from the start, Liddle’s ‘piece’ was a lazy piece of racist journalism. I get the impression that he literally dashed this off after a couple of pints and clicked it into existence without engaging brain. Not that this is any kind of excuse- coming from somebody who’s supposed to be a professional journalist, it’s more in the way of an aggravating rather than a mitigating circumstance. The snide, peremeptory way he spoke about ‘something indecipherable with no proper vowels’ showed his deep ignorance of all things Welsh. He also repeated the gross calumny that Wales is a third world country. This sort of thing was bad enough when the otherwise great blackadder did it, but that was thirty years ago. The days when Wales was the last place you could insult with impunity are over, and it’s time we let this tired, opinionated hack know it.

I’ve known people in this past to say things like ‘Oh, it’s not racist, because the Welsh aren’t a race’. Really. In this day and age. Firstly, it doesn’t really work that way, does it?- you’re still discriminating on a blanket basis against a group of people. Secondly, as the notion of ‘race’ has very little actual scientific merit, you’d pretty much have to be a racist to make a statement like that in the first place. Not that his piece was ever thought out as far as that- it’s merely a knee-jerk piece of racial slander that repeats well worn clichés. Racist ones.

As for the issue itself, I’m fairly neutral. I’m fairly fond of the future king Charles III, but I can see why Welsh people would want something different. The issue itself has now been completely overshadowed by Liddle’s crapulent squitter. How in god’s name he ever thought this would be acceptable is anyone’s guess. Perhaps he’s lived too long in the Murdoch echo chamber, where nasty views like this are seen as normal. Then again this is a man who thinks nothing of using the media to be vindictive towards his ex-wife, and allegedly did much worse towards her while she was pregnant.

Yours truly has actually filed a complaint with the IPSO. I hope they remove his anus.


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